Speed up every step of creating, tracking, and managing Certified Mail®

Our easy-to-use online software helps you move legal, asset recovery and other processes forward much faster – whether you're sending one, 100 or 100,000 pieces.

Our USPS Certified Mail ® solution works like you do. Fast!

Save minutes with each USPS Certified Mail® piece you prepare. Save days waiting for proof of delivery.
Get prompt online access to USPS Certified Mail® data for follow-up and expense management.



Prepare your USPS Certified Mail® In 30 seconds, or less.

  • Log in to our secure site.
  • Key in the recipient's address, select from the built-in Address Book, upload an Excel file for Batch Processing, or connect directly to our systems through API’s.
  • Print a USPS Certified Mail® “label” (with address, USPS Certified Mail® bar code and Electronic Postage) for each recipient, on standard paper or a label, from any printer. Or let us Outsource it for you.

Saves your mail room from the hassles of Green Cards, the PS3811, the Firm Book, and postage meters.


Send from any mailbox.
Or hand to your mail carrier.

  • Insert your document and the printed USPS Certified Mail® “label” in the envelope we provide. You can also use your own envelopes or boxes, with a 5" x 8 ½" USPS Certified Mail® label.
  • Outsource your bigger Certified mailings to a print/mail house that connects to our service via API’s.

Get Proof of Acceptance right in your office.

No more trips to the Post Office!


Get signed confirmation – fast. Real fast.

  • Within hours of your USPS Certified Mail® being delivered, the Return Receipt (Electronic) is posted to your account. This enables you to move legal and asset recovery processes forward much faster than waiting for the return of Green Cards.
  • We even add the Recipient’s typed address since signatures can be hard to read.

You no longer have to wait for the return of the PS3811 Green Cards and archive these old-fashioned forms.


A complete record of your transactions is retained online for ten years.

  • View, print, or download, the Proof of Acceptance or Return Receipt (Electronic) for Affidavits of Service or other needs.
  • Download reports on activity and USPS costs in Excel™ format. Sort by business unit, client and project. Makes it simpler to bill costs back to clients.

No need to worry about losing important records – they’re digital and can be printed anytime! LLC is a BBB Accredited Computer Software Service in Cary, NC

Our Innovations

For a review of the innovations has brought to Certified Mail, download our PDF brochure.

The Buzz...

“ helps us create USPS Certified Mail® labels with postage and addressee in under 30 seconds. Our regular USPS mail carrier picks up our items, so our people don't travel and wait at the Post Office. The prompt return of the Return Receipt (Electronic) helps us move forward to the next step in our Affidavit of Service and saves 3-5 business days.”

– P.W.
Managing Partner, Law Firm

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Outsourcing your USPS Certified Mail® is easy.

Outsourcing is ideal for businesses and organizations that don't want to produce USPS Certified Mail® at their own locations and have a high volume of mail with consistent content. For example, some self-storage operators that manage several dozen properties choose to outsource the sending of lien letters via USPS Certified Mail®.

With, we've made outsourcing easy – thanks to relationships with trusted outsourcing facilities that will print and mail your USPS Certified Mail® pieces. In addition, you can choose to have some of your USPS Certified Mail® outsourced – while still producing other pieces right in your office. In both cases, all transaction and billing data is accessible through your account.

To get started, contact us to discuss your needs.


API’s for Enterprise Customers Seeking Direct Links to Our Resources

For clients seeking to integrate some or all of the resources with their own applications, our full suite of web service API’s enable complete automation of requesting Certified Mail® labels, delivery information, Proof of Acceptance (Electronic)©, Proof of Delivery (Electronic)© and Return Receipt (Electronic). These web services support both SOAP and REST communications protocols.


No sweat, no-catch
Batch Processing.

You'll find it easy and intuitive to process a large volume of USPS Certified Mail® pieces, at one time. There's no need to manually enter each name and address. Just follow these simple steps:


Even our envelopes make it simple.

Available in #10, 6"x9" and 9"x12" sizes.

Our USPS Certified Mail® envelopes have a large, clear window that enables USPS scanners to scan our unique label – that includes the address, postage and USPS Certified Mail® bar code. Of course, you can also print on sheet labels we provide, in order to send USPS Certified Mail® in your own flat envelopes, and in USPS Priority Mail envelopes and boxes.


Return Receipt (Electronic)


Only one USPS Certified Mail® label contains both address and postage. This one.

The Certified Mail Label

Our USPS Certified Mail® label includes all address data, as well as the correct USPS postage and the USPS Certified Mail® bar code. This process eliminates the need for you to handwrite the PS3800 and PS3811 forms, and eliminates the need to use a postage meter or visit the Post Office. In seconds, this professional-looking label is ready to be folded and placed in the envelopes we provide. It can also be printed on a 5" x 8.5" label and applied to your own flat envelopes and boxes, or direct printed by a professional print/mail shop.

One label. One step. Only from

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