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November 6, 2009

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What happened to the Green Cards?

Managers take advantage of web services to speed up the lien process; office staff eliminates trips to post office.

Cary, NC, Nov. 6 / -- Accountable Document Solutions, LLC, whose Docutrail service has saved time and money for hundreds of self-storage operators over the past three years, has now launched, a major upgrade of its service.

"We’ve listened to our customers and come back with an even better service," said Charles Crutchfield, Founder of ADS. "We added functionality requested by our users, and updated the user interface, all to further improve the speed and management of USPS Certified Mail®.”

Crutchfield continued, “By working with SMD Software, Centershift and Syrasoft, we’ve integrated the service with these widely used storage management applications, so users can access our service without leaving their chosen operating program."

With by ADS, you can:

  • Prepare mail in seconds: No special forms to buy or fill in by hand or print on the printer. You simply enter the recipient address into a web form and print a perfectly formatted USPS Certified Mail® label, on plain paper, from any office printer.
  • Eliminate stamps and meters: With, the postage is automatically applied via the web, printed on the same paper as the address information.
  • Eliminate trips to the Post Office: Just tuck the "label", with your documents, into the USPS Certified Mail® envelopes that we provide (for free) and drop in any mailbox.
  • Get proof of delivery, fast! We’ve eliminated waiting for the signed USPS PS3811 green card. Instead, proof of delivery comes to you via the web, the morning after the recipient signs for the USPS Certified Mail® piece. And we archive it for it for seven years.
  • Track and bill back your USPS Certified Mail® expenses: No more guessing about expenses. View, sort and download (in Excel format) usage reports at any time, making it simple to manage your USPS Certified Mail® expenses and bill them back to customers.
  • Avoid subscription fees or contracts: You pay only a small premium on the ordinary cost of USPS Certified Mail®. For example, a one-ounce USPS Certified Mail® with Return Receipt (Electronic) costs just $5.89. No subscription fees or contracts.
  • Improve productivity by as much as 75%: We speed up preparation, eliminate the time and liability of staff making trips to the Post Office, and accelerate the lien process by several days. Accuracy increases and frustration is reduced.

“We are very excited about our integration with Many clients immediately embraced ADS features inside SiteLink, to save time in preparing handwritten forms and eliminate trips to the Post Office. SiteLink Web Edition and ADS USPS Certified Mail® allow users to print a complete USPS Certified Mail® label on plain paper, insert with their letter and mail,” says Markus Hecker, SiteLink’s Chief Operating Officer. “ADS satisfies the growing need for USPS Certified Mail® integration and we are delighted to offer this service to our users.”

“ adds to the robust integration between StoreTM Enterprise and StoreTM Advantage web based self storage management software and USPS Certified Mail® processing, allowing the owner operator to enhance tracking and decrease time and costs associated with USPS Certified Mail® processing, “ said John Bilton Vice President of Marketing at Centershift Inc.

“At Syrasoft, we know the importance of simplifying and speeding up important processes like USPS Certified Mail®, so integrating with was a natural step for us. The feedback from our customers, particularly in markets where postal access is not convenient, is extremely positive,” said Tom Garden, CEO.

An operations manager in California says, “ didn't take long to see how much we were spending on postage machines. The monthly fees and print cartridge costs really added up – and the complexity of using USPS Certified Mail® was a real problem. It took forever and my employees were traveling to the Post Office, which was costly. Plus, I didn't love the idea of them traveling for business... We liked the idea of your service because it helped us save time preparing the USPS Certified Mail® – and easily get proofs of delivery. At first, we used your service for two locations. In one month, we were sold. Today, 23 of our stores use it. The store managers and employees absolutely love it. It's fast, easy and reduces our liability.”

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Accountable Documents Solutions specializes in services that improve the management of Accountable Mail. the only web-based service to combine electronic postage and USPS Certified Mail® label printing, offering clients more convenience, efficiency and security, with no set-up fees or long- term service contracts. is a trademark of Accountable Document Solutions, LLC. All other product or service names are the property of their respective owners. © ADS 2009. All rights reserved. SOURCE Accountable Document Solutions LLC is a BBB Accredited Computer Software Service in Cary, NC

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“ has made a big difference in the way we prepare and handle our USPS Certified Mail®. We continue to be completely satisfied with this web-based solution and the support provided by the company.“

– S.H.