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November 14, 2009

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USPS Certified Mail® “green cards” are disappearing!

Law firms are streamlining their USPS Certified Mail® process with a unique web service that eliminates trips to the Post Office and waiting days for confirmation!

Cary, NC, Nov. 14, 2009 – Accountable Document Solutions, LLC, the company behind Docutrail – the three year-old service that saves law firms time and money managing USPS Certified Mail® – has now launched, a significant upgrade to its original service.

“Many law firms find it difficult to track USPS Certified Mail® expenses because it includes labor, trips to the Post Office and postal meter charges and USPS charges for USPS Certified Mail®. For many practices, that’s thousands and tens of thousands of dollars annually – but now, they can easily reduce the cost and account for it,” says Charles Crutchfield, Founder of ADS. enables clients to manage the entire process from any web-enabled computer – including the creation and printing of an all-in-one USPS Certified Mail® address and postage label, tracking of the USPS Certified Mail® through the mail stream, the archiving of Return Receipt (Electronic) and the management of costs.

Law firms save as much as 75% of the time and expenses related to USPS Certified Mail®.

“The service enables items to be put in any mailbox, so our clients no longer need to drive to the Post Office,” explains Crutchfield. “And archives each signed proof of delivery and all records for seven years, always accessible from our clients’ accounts. This is especially helpful to law firms as they can account for each item and bill costs back to clients. It’s really a win-win. has helped law firms become far more efficient and accountable.”

One Managing Partner in North Carolina adds his insight, “We specialize in construction law related matters. We often have a large volume of USPS Certified Mail® that must be sent at the same time. Before we used, we completed the forms by hand, printed postage from our meter, made copies of each envelope to charge our clients and delivered every item to the Post Office. After all that, we would wait for the Return Receipt form to arrive. has significantly changed the way we manage our USPS Certified Mail®.”

With by ADS, you can:

  • Prepare mail in seconds: No USPS forms to complete by hand or computer labels to buy. Simply enter the recipient address into a web form and print a perfectly formatted USPS Certified Mail® “label” on plain paper, from any office printer.
  • Eliminate stamps and meters: With, postage is automatically applied via the web, printed on the same paper as the address information.
  • Eliminate trips to the Post Office: Just tuck the "label" and your documents into the USPS Certified Mail® envelopes provided by the service – and drop in any mailbox.
  • Get proof of delivery, fast! No more waiting for the signed USPS PS3811 green card. Instead, proof of delivery arrives in your web account on the morning after the recipient signs for the USPS Certified Mail® piece. And we archive all records for seven years.
  • Track and bill back your USPS Certified Mail® expenses: No more “guess-timating” the costs of USPS Certified Mail®. Instead, view, sort and download (in Excel format) production reports anytime – making it simple to manage USPS Certified Mail® expenses, even bill them back to clients.
  • No start-up costs, contracts or subscription fees: Simply pay a small transaction fee on each piece of USPS Certified Mail®. And customers report a 75% savings in overall USPS Certified Mail® costs.

Crutchfield proudly sums up the benefits to law firms by saying, "We’ve significantly improved the user experience – from preparing USPS Certified Mail®, to receiving return receipt signatures, to managing the records, and accounting for the expenses.”

The service is available directly at Software providers may also integrate the USPS Certified Mail® capabilities into their own applications by using the company’s API’s.

About Accountable Document Solutions

Accountable Documents Solutions develops and offers services that improve the management of Accountable Mail. is the only web-based service to combine electronic postage and USPS Certified Mail® label printing, giving clients a revolutionary new level of convenience, efficiency and security – with no set-up fees or long-term service contracts. is a trademark of Accountable Document Solutions, LLC. All other product or service names are the property of their respective owners. © ADS 2009 All rights reserved. SOURCE Accountable Document Solutions LLC is a BBB Accredited Computer Software Service in Cary, NC

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“ has made a big difference in the way we prepare and handle our USPS Certified Mail®. We continue to be completely satisfied with this web-based solution and the support provided by the company.“

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