Improves every step of creating, tracking and managing USPS Certified Mail®

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Save time.

Want to eliminate wasteful steps and accelerate your productivity? Our clients report time-savings as high as 80% – by preparing, sending and following-up on USPS Certified Mail® with us. And with, saving time is easy.

Save money.

Save substantially on non-postage expenses by reducing the time required to prepare USPS Certified Mail® and travel to the Post Office. You'll also save by:

  • Reducing the need for postage meter supplies and maintenance.
  • Tracking precise USPS Certified Mail® costs and billing them back to clients, where appropriate.
  • Speeding procedures that relate to your use of USPS Certified Mail® (auctions, collections, etc.)

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“ helps us create USPS Certified Mail® labels with postage and address in under 30 seconds. Our regular USPS mail carrier picks up our items, so our people don't travel and wait at the Post Office. The prompt return of the Return Receipt (Electronic) helps us move forward to the next step in our Affidavit of Service and saves 3-5 business days.“

– P.W.
Managing Partner, Law Firm


How you save time

The USPS does a great job of getting USPS Certified Mail® from place to place. greatly speeds up the preparation, tracking and follow up of those mailed pieces. What's all this time worth to you?

Task The Old Way The Way
Preparing USPS Certified Mail® forms 2-3 minutes to prepare and apply the standard PS3800 and PS3811 forms for USPS Certified Mail® with Return Receipt. 30 seconds. Just enter the address data on screen, make a few choices, and print a USPS Certified Mail® label on plain paper with your standard printer.
Adding postage 1-2 minutes to add postage with a postage meter. Or 30 minutes to drive to and from the Post Office. Takes no time. Postage is printed directly on the label.
Getting Proof of Acceptance 30 minutes to drive to and from the Post Office and to wait in line to get a red stamp on the PS Form 3800 or Firm Book. One minute. Simply create and print a SCAN Form from within our service. Your Mail Carrier will scan the form and within hours, a PDF of the Proof of Acceptance appears in your account.
Signing up for Return Receipt (Electronic) 30 minutes to drive to and from the Post Office and to wait in line for the Post Office employee to accept payment for Return Receipt (Electronic). Takes no time. Just check the box on the screen.
Waiting for Proof of Delivery with Signature 2-8 days after delivery of the USPS Certified Mail®. The morning after the USPS Certified Mail® article is delivered, you receive Proof of Delivery through the Return Receipt (Electronic).
Filing PS3811 Green Cards 2-3 minutes per card, depending on whether you copy it first. Takes no time. Return Receipt (Electronic) is stored on our servers.
Retrieving Green Cards 5 minutes or a day, depending on whether the files have been archived. No need to search for the Green Card, since the Return Receipt (Electronic) is stored in your account.
Tracking and managing USPS Certified Mail® expenses Make copies of USPS Certified Mail® envelopes and give them to your controller for rebilling to clients, a laborious and time consuming process. Access all your transaction data online. Download an Excel file. Sort by Client, Matter, Date and much more.

How you save money


How it accelerates your productivity

Task The Old Way The Way
No more difficulty sorting through Green Cards, or losing the Cards when you really need them It’s tough to figure out exactly where each Green Card should be filed since they are often difficult to read. Plus, if you lose one, copies are not admissible in court. Return Receipt (Electronic) is easy to read and file, as each one includes the Recipient’s address. Plus, as a digital file, there is no original to lose. Just print a copy for the court. Store it on our servers for up to seven years. Or download to your own computer or server at any time.
Faster legal actions Need to wait for the return of the PS3811 Green Card before attaching it to the Affidavit of Service and moving to the next part of the legal action. It can take 2-8 days for the Green Card to be returned to you. You receive Proof of Delivery the morning after the USPS Certified Mail® article is delivered. Enables you to move much faster to the next stage.
Reduce corporate liability The drive to and from the Post Office exposes your firm to travel-related liability. No need to visit the Post Office to get Proof of Acceptance with a red stamp on a PS Form 3800. Instead, you receive Proof of Acceptance right in your office by using a SCAN Form.
Efficiency Employees spend quite a bit of time filling out forms manually, traveling to and from the Post Office, and waiting in line. No manual forms to prepare. No applying postage. No trips to the Post Office to get Proof of Acceptance. No waiting extra days for receipt of Green Card. No risk of losing the Proof of Delivery.
Better management of USPS Certified Mail® expenses Postage meters don't link postage to clients – so there's no easy way to figure out USPS Certified Mail® expenses and bill them back to clients. Also, Post Office visits result in petty cash and credit card receipts. All transaction records are maintained on our servers, making it easy to download Excel worksheets and sort them by date, client, matter number and much more. Great for internal expense management and for billing back to clients.