Speed up every step of creating, tracking, and managing Certified Mail®

Our easy-to-use online software helps you move legal, asset recovery and other processes forward much faster – whether you're sending one, 100 or 100,000 pieces.

About Us

The founders of are software experts who spent years in different industries that relied heavily on USPS Certified Mail®. We have always recognized its reliability, its importance, and the challenges it traditionally presented to organizations that require optimal productivity.

Because we shared a belief that the process of managing USPS Certified Mail® could be dramatically simplified, we set out to accomplish that by harnessing the power of the Internet, the ingenuity of our engineers and the expertise of the United State Postal Service. Having spent ten years working on the service, we can now look back at a string of innovations we have brought to Certified Mail users through this service. For a review of the innovations has brought to Certified Mail, download our PDF brochure.

This streamlined and secure web-based solution significantly improves upon each step of the USPS Certified Mail® process: preparation, sending, notification of delivery and record-keeping. We are quite certain, that as a customer, you'll save valuable time and enjoy the cost-savings that result from the accelerated efficiency, whether you are producing Certified Mail items one at a time, by the hundreds, or by the tens of thousands.

Finally, we hope that you tell us what this innovative solution means to you.

Have we made USPS Certified Mail® simpler for you to manage? Where can we make improvements? We hope you'll help us remain true to our original mission: to create the simplest way to manage your USPS Certified Mail®. LLC is a BBB Accredited Computer Software Service in Cary, NC

Our Innovations

For a review of the innovations has brought to Certified Mail, download our PDF brochure.

The Buzz...

“ has made a big difference in the way we prepare and handle our USPS Certified Mail®. We continue to be completely satisfied with this web-based solution and the support provided by the company.“

– S.H.

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